“Design to Love”.

-Alan Guth, key figure in current explorations on what happened in The Big Bang, and that of others, builds on Lamaitre’s

-Georges Henri Joseph Edouard Lamaitre,( Belgian catholic Jesuit Priest), who’s theory started when the “steady state” model of the universe dominated cosmology, ” Primeval Atom “, ” Cosmic Egg “, is the” brain-child” of the “Big Bang Theory”.

-NASA scientist Robert Jastrow says: “Scientist has scaled the mountain of ignorance, he is about to conquer the highest peak; and when he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries”. And what have those theologians been pondering?, That what science calls “THE BIG BANG”, was “LOVE EXPLODING OUT OF THE LIFE OF THE TRINITY”.

-(All of the above was implied or quoting Roman catholic theologian George Weigel, one of America’s leading commentators on issues of religion and public life, from a comment on CERC-“Catholic Education Resource Center”).

-“Love, cause is the only true adventure” (Chinese wisdom cookie quote).

“Something” is not going to be created, by a destructive “mind”. “Love”, “Hope”, and “Faith”, are the intentions that run through the threads of the none stop movements of creation. “Think about it”, and don’t let “pre-established memoirs”, “old brain paths”, over which we constantly build up our thoughts, and rationalisms, for our “brilliants for a while”, but not precisely totally “lasting” “creative” “theories of everything”. “Creativity” is for me an absolute term, goes only in one direction, “positive”, like “Love”, “Knowledge”, “Evolution”. There is a theological saying that says: ” God writes straight over twisted lines”. And that means: No matter where our human twisted thoughts have taken us in a given moment, there is always a thread of solutions building inside at every new turn, and at any point, in the course of thoughts, that will hatch in the very front of the eyes of our mind, at the right moment, if you keep love, faith, and hope…. for gone wrong, or gone right, just to maintain, and guaranty the principle of creation: “Everything  is Created to Live for Ever”….and what is contain in EVER?…..”LOVE”…. is the vessel where it blends the rest of the attributes, wisdom, beauty, creativity, balance, peace, evolution, intensity, passion, endeavor, …(and then comes to my mind….. where would the so venerated “Art”, this “alive organism”  fit, in this blend of energy, matter, different densities, creativity, impulses, pulses, and good intentions, though?….Art reposes and feeds in the transcendent, intuitive, higher consciousness of human ways of perceiving and interpreting “Reality”….. A really good artistic “idea”, should always applies to that)….So… LOVE, that contains all those mentioned ingredients, is in the “Was”, in the “Is”, and in the “Ever Shall Be”, and…. “Love”, “Hope” , and “Faith”, are the three theological “virtues” with which we have to armoire our selves to walk life…. “think about this three words, and give them the “LIFE” they deserve …..they are not empty words, these three words are pretty illustrative of something very alive, and important, using the human vocabulary source for definitions….And nothing else is needed to be said by me with my so bold intent to explain what I mean…... But there are pretty illustrative “Chinese wisdom cookies”, that give me hopes: “A bold intent, would be a halve of success”, and that’s ok with me today……more “Chinese cookies” : ” Love is the affinity which links and draws together the elements of the world”,” Love because is the only true adventure”, “Love lights up the world”, “At the touch of love every one becomes a poet”. “Love goes any ware uninvited”, “The heart that loves is always young”, “This is a time for love and affection”. Isn’t’ it fun to learn abut Love, eating Chinese food, I’m not kidding….. I’m serious……I just waned, you guys to imply with me that there is always fun in the serious, and serious in the fun…..right?.  “Good luck  for me and for you”, and an amazing journey on earth….even that I cry a lot, I have faith in the good intentioned  threads webbed by the love of creation to light up my heart and mind in the precise moment, and get me through, and into a higher level of loving, creative, and wise, stage of life…. “it is anyway the only, and true most, extraordinary adventure”.


“My award?”: ” The Trying”.

As I imply in some other section, here, to talk  “about one self”. I’m looking  for ways to more efficiently  “communicate”, in a loose, enjoyable,understandable way, with my most closer social circle,” the family”. I’m a philosophical oriented mind, my mind goes for meanings like, reasons “why”, what’s behind it, what’s the precedency, what’s the motive, where is the “core”, or the “Conner stone”, “the intention”, “from which source”. From my perception there is an intention in “every thing”, sustain by a certain mentality. When you look at the animals, their attitudes, it’s just amazing how many things they can communicate about, nature, such a creativity behind it, so much information about visual creativity, why there is a curve, a line, a texture, a bomb, a root finger like, and branches opening up, arms like, intending to point up, which are the forces behind it, are they coming?, are they going?, what a beautiful mentality is communicating behind all these, and  what about the so honorable “Human been”,  what about the ground where we stand, so humble, sacrificed, wise, mature and strong, that sustains us, so available always, and helpful like a mother. “Everything” in creation is honorable and disserves we “Humans”, reverence it. How wouldn’t we “Humans, reverence then our selves”. With this reverence in mind I think we all should live. I think that’s a good connection to live with. Then……,once I finish the trying, to put my self through meanings and concepts, behind everything, I tend to feel fatigue, and then what I suppose that “they”, my only readers, my family members, and some close friends, might think that it would be fatiguing living like this, all the time in “the core”, specially, when they are younger, and other mentalities might have been trying to embedded their ways. So, I try to fit in a suggestive passage, or  photo that is funny or enjoyable,  to make them feel what life is really all about. So my “Award” would be a recognition for Trying to get through my own limitations, for the persistent zeal, and love for them. If there would be an Award named “The Trying”, I think that  would be the one for me. And I think, that is a very honorable one.

The photo would be something like “this”, the dog with the leaf on the head, with a stand that says: ” Avert misunderstandings with poise, balance, and calm”. “mom”. ( quoting a Chinese cookie),  but I added the word “mom” .


Time Capsule

Go to the main source,  (I call it “Holy Trinity”, the 3 mysterious, dynamic, interacting forces of creation, and understand it. it will reveal to you as an inner knowingness of “who you are”.) For, looking into “reflections”, the world has been filled with 2nd, 3rd, 4th…….rate versions of one self, and the real “you”, “he”, “her” or “me” has been lost.

“And by the way….”that’s who I am”….”right now”….. “what do you think??”….”.seriously”….”I’m not kidding”.

 ( Implied from a “Chinese cookie”, and certain readings recently done.)


Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

     Well….I would say, that everybody “blogs”, some professionally, others, because there is a natural disposition in the whole creation to share and communicate, so, they do it, and this second one would be my case. But, really, there is a second mayor decisive “call” here. I love my family, and the people that surround me, and I feel this urge to help some how, at any situation or moment…. and that help, for me, would means “WORDS”, ( mainly, and besides any action ). Words that need to be said, to be heard, or to be written may be, and later read: “Letters”, or postings for a previous letter, “postings” of instructive materials, “postings” of excerpts on related subjects, books, movies, even posts of creative, wise photos, or simply “family photos”. “Meanings”, that have to be understood, reminded, and handle by all of us at many times. Sometimes we need to open up to “philosophy”, be “a philosopher”, “a poet”, “a writer”, “a teacher”. All that, we need, whether we are the receiver or the doer, and of course, we need the “channel” to do so. So besides the “touch”, the “look into the eyes”, the “good attitude”, the “adequate mood”, a TV show with a “flow of inspiring movements in a Ballerina”, a photo, an image, we all need these quiet, intimate moments and places with a meaningful, uplifting, or instructive reading, to meditate on it and put our selves back in track, the right mood and perspective, the correct mind set, and even the correct bodily disposition.

       For all that, and may be some other personal targets that I’m aiming too, I would like to exercise and learn to my own capacity of course, how to blog, and post correctly. Words, some times are better understood in a slow motion, and that would be written, where we can take them, at the time we can, and at our own pace, than in the rapid shooting of a discourse, that besides we have to be present physically to it. I think, that for me and my loves one, that I can’t see frequently, the posting could be a good solution for communication. Sorry, I don’t mean to be indifferent to the rest of the world, but to be sincere, something that I like to be so much, my priority would be my family.

       “Thank you guys for your understandings”…… But, I still, will be open of course, to any written communication, if needed.

                                                                                                                     Thank you again, for this opportunity.